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Uncle's Games - Manager's Profile

By Callisto Aotsuki, manager, Uncle's Games at the Liberty Building

I have worked for Uncle's Games for about four years, but my first two were at the Spokane Valley location. I was promoted to manager of the downtown store in April of 2021.

Author Callisto Aotsuki at Uncle's Games in downtown Spokane

What excites me most about showing off Uncle's products is the innovation of game designers. They are so talented! The combination of gameplay, art, and physical components can hit a customer just right and literally change their lives. I've had families with strained relationships bond over Dungeons and Dragons. Or I've seen grandparents teach their grandchildren games they played as children. I have generations of family members come back every year to ask us for a new recommendation because they know we will have something to fit their unique situations.

Game samples on display in the store in downtown Spokane

My three favorite things in the store are my local games section (which features Spokane-made games like Dice Throne and Dragonvault), my jigsaw puzzle walls, and my demo games. These represent a cross-section of what our regular customers look for and enjoy. We enjoy showing them all of our new things from these sections because they are familiar to them but fresh.

When people shop for the holidays, they should never hesitate to ask for assistance. We love to show customers our favorite games or the things that are new and hot. This will separate us from online retailers like Amazon. We are veterans, parents, caretakers, musicians, and artists ourselves. As such, our recommendations are varied and nuanced. We know the classics, but we know the new stuff, too. We love kids and family games. We love the nitty-gritty, hardcore strategy games. I think this is the draw of any local business. I know that Auntie's has that same spirit. We want customers to have an experience where they go home with the absolute perfect gift. We live for that.

People love to get together at Uncle's Games

The Dice Throne guys came to teach their game to staff and customers multiple times. I have also included images of games we have out for demo and display. Everdell is also local.


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