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Current Show:

An annual show by the members of Spokane Print & Publishing Center. The print medium, in all its forms, and possibly all art in general, is enigmatic. From inspiration to its processes, printing is mysterious and provisional. The artist is in control, but is she really? This show emphasizes the unseen hand, the errant, the wayward, the strange, and the ephemeral. From book artistry to relief carving, from wood type to collage, the artists of Enigma demonstrate the many processes that make their art vital.

Untitled - Kris Dinnison- sm file cropped
Enigma Variations #1 - Sally Lancaster resized
Untitled - Kris Dinnison - sm file cropped
Asterisk Youth - Kate GB - Cropped
A Growing Insistence - Sarah Windisch - cropped and sm file
E is for Enigma - Sally Lancaster - Sm file
Enigma Railways - Cooky Davis - Sm file cropped

What: In April 2024, the Liberty Gallery hosts a group display titled "Enigma", works by members of Spokane Print and Publishing created using a wide variety of printing techniques.


When: April 1, 2024 – April 27, 2024


Participating Artists:

Pixie Carlson, Thom Caraway, Leslie Crane, Cryomera, Aimee Clark, Cooky Davies, Kris Dinnison, Kate GB, Sally Lancaster, Sarah Louise Windisch, Jacki Putnam, and Ursula Heflick.

Upcoming Show:

A Little Spokane Preview Show

The Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour celebrates its 17th year in 2024!  The event began as a marketing idea by a small group of artists sitting together by the Little Spokane River, having a picnic and sharing their friendship.  Friendships have grown as has the tour event, growing into a destination event for art collectors and enthusiasts.  Every year, on the last Saturday in September, thousands of people come from far and wide to meet about 50 artists, exhibiting their art at working studios across the magnificent Little Spokane River Valley.  It's an absolutely gorgeous setting that people love, admire and appreciate. 


This year, the show will be held on Saturday, September 28th, one day only from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The tour this year includes artists exhibiting at four art studios: Gina Freuen, Jill Smith, Maggie Andersen and Collista Krebs. 


A preview show, such as the Liberty Gallery Exhibition, gives collectors a sneak peek at the art and a chance to meet the Little Spokane artists, and provides the opportunity to purchase art without having to wait until September!

First Friday Reception to Meet the Artists

May 3, 2024 from 5:00-8:00 pm

Rosemary Barile -Conjur - Small File
Daniel Droz-Unchained- Small File
Gay Waldman - Genesis - Small file
LR Montgomery - Dishman Hills Hillside - Small file
Diane Garmire - First Kiss-Small File
Jacquie Masterson - Bumblebee -Small File
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