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We have more than 20 talented artists featuring their work throughout the atrium, inside our historic building.  

Current Artists on Display:

Aaron Smith, Amalia Fisch, Anette Lusher, Carol Schmauder, Christina Deubel, CJ Morrison, D.L. Smith, Emily Flynn-Delay, Hara Allison, Heidi Barnett, Ildiko Kalapacs, Jolene Siegner, Katrina Brennan, Leela Francis, Lisa Waddle, Marley Hochendoner, Megan Perkins, Moeckel Studio, Rick Davis, Robin Milligan, Sara Conybeer, Sironka, Sunny Shafer, and Tom Quinn


Thank you so much to everyone who came to check out our relaunch of our First Friday event!

Live Music:

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