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Fresh Pasta at Gander and Ryegrass

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Tagliatelle with Pork Shoulder Ragout
Tagliatelle (Kris Kilduff/For The Spokesman-Review)

Chef Peter Froese, who opened Gander and Ryegrass in late 2019, took the traditional, daylong meals families would eat when they gathered, that he witnessed cooking in Florence, Italy, and turned it into an entire concept. Froese believes dining should be an experience, and he wants Gander and Ryegrass to be a place where customers make memories.

Despite a year of COVID-19 restrictions, his plan is working. My business partner and I dined at Gander and Ryegrass in its opening week, and the nine-course small-plate chef sampling that featured fresh-made daily tagliatelle pasta tossed with anchovy, tomato and basil was more than enough to keep me coming back as a regular customer.

What to order: Gander and Ryegrass’ menu is ever-evolving, but, when possible, bring a date and order one of the marathon tasting menus. The nine to 12 small courses feature everything from fresh pasta to other locally sourced seasonal dishes. And adding the wine pairing is recommended for that memorable experience.

If you go: 404 W. Main Ave., (509) 315-4613,

Article from The Spokesman-Review. Click here to read more.


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