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ALSC Principal Receives Community Leaders Award

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Rustin Hall's contributions to the Spokane community extend far beyond his role as Principal at ALSC Architects. With his passion for civic engagement and dedication to youth development, Rustin has made a significant impact in various areas of community service.

Rustin Hall ALSC Architects - Liberty Building Spokane

One notable achievement that highlights Rustin's commitment to his community is his instrumental role in the success of the 2018 Central Valley School District Construction Bond passage. Recognizing the importance of quality education and infrastructure, Rustin and his wife went above and beyond to support the bond. They tirelessly attended numerous community meetings, passionately advocating for the bond's approval. Additionally, Rustin personally took the initiative to design and print posters, which he distributed to local businesses, effectively raising awareness and support for the cause. As a testament to his dedication, Rustin also played a key role in raising thousands of dollars for the campaign itself, further demonstrating his commitment to the educational well-being of the community's children.

Beyond his involvement with the Central Valley School District, Rustin has consistently been an active participant and leader in various youth-focused initiatives. He has volunteered his time as a youth sports coach, positively impacting the lives of countless children through mentorship, teamwork, and instilling a love for physical activity. Rustin's commitment to youth development extends to the administration of youth programs, where he has provided guidance and support to help shape the next generation of community leaders.

Rustin's outstanding leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by his role as Vice President for Membership on the Boy Scouts of America Inland Northwest Chapter Executive Board. This prestigious position not only recognizes Rustin's dedication to the organization but also underscores his ability to inspire and guide young individuals in their journey toward personal growth and leadership.

As a valued member of the Liberty Building, Rustin Hall epitomizes the spirit of community engagement and service. His contributions to the Spokane community, both within and beyond the realm of education, have made a lasting impact on countless lives. Rustin's unwavering commitment to youth development, exemplified through his coaching, program administration, and involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, highlights his profound dedication to fostering the potential of future generations.

With Rustin's continued dedication and tireless efforts, it is clear that he will continue to be an invaluable asset to the Liberty Building and the Spokane community as a whole. His merit, passion, and commitment to making a positive difference serve as an inspiration to all those around him.


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